My Yoga


I was 35 when I finally committed to a yoga practice.  I don’t have a background as a dancer or a gymnast.  My hamstrings are not long & loose.  I don’t have a full split in my practice and I have serious doubts that I ever will.  But I am ok with that, because to me, yoga is not about getting my foot behind my head, being the most limber person in the room or even touching my toes.  

To me, yoga is about Self Love & Appreciation!

It is about gaining body awareness and finding healthy movement.  It is about connecting to the Breath.  It is about challenging my edge & having fun!

Every single time I step on my mat I re-connect with my Self.  I turn my attention inward.  For those moments life slows down.  I can breath.  I can let go of the chaos of the day, and re-align my heart & mind.

I do yoga because it feels good! That is my yoga.



"Stop acting so small.  You are the universe in ecstatic motion"



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Private Sessions

I love working with clients one-to-one!  

We get to create your sessions however you want.  We can workshop and breakdown certain poses.  We can flow and get our hearts pumping.  We can focus on alignment, stress reduction, opening an area of the body.  We can go slow and restore.  Or concentrate on breathing & mediation. 

Whatever your goals and interests are...private sessions are all about you!

Whether it’s your first time doing yoga or you’re a seasoned yogi…you will get personalized guidance, tailored to your needs & skill level!

I offer private sessions in your home or at a yoga studio I teach at. 

  • One-to-One or Small Group

  • Girls Weekends

  • Events/Yoga in the Park

  • Corporate

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My Schedule

I am currently teaching at this beautiful studio:

Vastu in Warwick NY, located at 17 Main Street, second floor

  • Thursdays at 7pm, Vinyasa Flow, level 1

  • Fridays at 9:30am, Vinyasa Flow, open level

  • Saturdays at 9:30am, Vinyasa Strength, level 1-2