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My Heart & Soul


My Journey Here

I was about 25 when I had my first session with my life coach. I walked into her office feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and full of self-judgement. My life had become a sequence of events focused around survival and I was feeling completely lost. However a few hours later, for the first time I believed that my life could be different than how I was living it.  That day was a new beginning for me. It was the start of my emotional journey to heal the wounds of my dysfunctional and codependent childhood.

As a young child, like all of us, I developed limiting beliefs about myself based on what I thought I needed to do to feel safe and loved. Those beliefs became the blueprint of how I related to other people. I believed what I had been taught, that love and happiness came from others, not from within myself.  So I learned to put other’s needs and desires ahead of my own. That pattern was most entrenched in the relationship I had with boyfriends.

Through my adolescence and my 20s I sought attention and approval from the opposite sex.  Once I started dating in my late teens, I was rarely without a boyfriend, and since none of my partners were ever physically or verbally abusive, I never considered that I was codependent (not that I knew what that word meant then). 

No, back then I just thought I was a deeply loving, generous and committed partner. With each new relationship I was repeating the same pattern by entering into the unspoken “agreement” that I would fix him and he would fix me, that I would be the love for him and he would be the love for me.

Relating to partners that way left me feeling powerless, needy and completely disconnected. So learned how to change my patterns by identifying my limiting beliefs and reconnecting to my heart center.

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My journey through my codependent patterns has been long and profound.  It’s sometimes been painful, really feeling into all those old wounds.  It’s sometimes been lonely, freeing myself from distractions and neediness. It’s sometimes been brutal, getting that honest with myself. 

Of all the things this journey has been, it has truly been my gateway to Sovereignty!

Every step along the way has allowed me to gain clarity, build my self-worth, and reparent myself, all while learning how to cope with my codependent tendencies. 

I now feel fully connected to my emotions and my body. I have become my own source of the love and inspiration I always sought from others. I’ve released a lifetime of guilt and shame for making myself a priority. And I’ve learned how to show up for myself, no matter what!

All the tools and lessons that I’ve learned and developed along the way have lead me to this moment…

How can I serve you? 



"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.  I started listening to the teachings of my soul."




Some Fun Facts…and Confessions

  • I am a Master Gardener and I believe there is nothing better than eating something you’ve grown yourself

  • Except ice cream…a life without ice cream is just not worth living

  • I am obsessed with lightening bugs!

  • My favorite footwear is bare feet and I feel most at home when my feet are on the Earth

  • I am devoted to Sacred Feminine

  • I absolutely love the ocean even though my biggest fear is that I will be eaten by a shark

  • My all-time favorite movie is The Sound of Music which I play every year while wrapping Xmas gifts

  • Until about 6 years ago I couldn’t whistle

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My Credentials

Katie Hayes, RYT, HHC, CA 

My journey to becoming a healer began in 2001 when I found my first Soul Home at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca NY. My experience there opened my eyes! 

It was the first time I had ever been introduced to natural and alternative ideas.  It was there I first discovered how truly amazing the human body is!  It’s when I began to realize that every single one of us, not only has the ability, but also the innate, inner wisdom to heal our bodies and our hearts! 

My time in Ithaca will always be some of my most cherished moments and memories…the first steps I took down my path towards living my Truth.

Since then I’ve also:

  • Studied Holistic Nutrition & Heath Coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, graduating in 2005 as a Certified Coach

  • Received my 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification from the Yoga Center for Teacher Training in 2015

  • Completed a 200 Hour Chemistry-Based Essential Oils Program in 2002, becoming a Certified Aromatherapist


Throughout it all, I have been dedicated to my personal growth and awakening.  For the last decade and a half, I have been on an amazing journey of “self recovery”…coming back to the core of who I am, before the world decided it could tell me who it wanted me to be.

All of those experiences, all of my education, every book I've read, every journal page I’ve written, every coach who has supported me, every epiphany, every insight, every struggle, every lesson, every women's retreat I've attended, every Goddess circle I've joined in, every seminar, every workshop I’ve taught, every breakthrough, every training…all of it, has brought me to this very moment, where I now get to support and encourage you! 


Are you ready to start down the path to your personal Truth? 

Are you ready to live an Inspired Life? 


Let's connect and talk about how I can support you on this next part of your journey!