Empowerment Coaching

      Reawaken Your Inner Wisdom  *  Reconnect Home to Your Body  Reclaim Your Sovereignty * Return to Balance


Every single one of us has a story.  We have all had extremely unique experiences which have contributed to shaping who we are today.  Many of these experiences from childhood have created limiting beliefs, a set of narratives we told ourselves in order to make sense of feelings we weren’t equipped to handle at that time. 

Most of us have held onto these limiting beliefs into adulthood, which have held us back from living our fullest life.

One-to-One coaching focuses on changing the way you relate to Yourself, and in turn, how you relate to others in your life. 

Uncovering your personal limiting beliefs is where our work together begins.


What is Self Empowerment?

Self Empowerment is Being the Sole/Soul Authority of One’s Life through the Examination, Awareness, Acceptance, and Unconditional Love of Self.



I had to learn that when I take care of myself,    it's what's best for everyone.


I work with women who...

... have trouble making their health and wellbeing a priority.

... focus on the happiness of others, often at their own expense.

... are paralyzed by their perfectionism.

... feel unloved, unloveable, unsupported and overwhelmed.

... feel disconnected, maybe like they’re on auto-pilot.

... want to feel comfortable and confident in their body.

... want to feel different, even if they aren't sure what that means.

... are ready to reclaim their lives.

... are ready to make holistic lifestyle changes, leading to live more aligned with their personal Truth.

... are ready to take a leap, find comfort in the transition, and give themselves permission to live from their Heart Center!

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My ambition is for You to...

~ Discover all different ways to Nourish Yourself ~

~ Find a greater sense of overall Happiness and Fulfillment ~

~ Develop a deeper sense of Love and Compassion for Yourself ~

~ Aquire a sense of Balance and Harmony ~

~ Feel Strong and Healthy in your Body ~

~ Experience feeling Connected to Yourself, to Spirit, Nature & Community ~

~ Discover Freedom through Empowerment ~  

~ Align your Thoughts, Words and Actions ~

~ Live Joyfully from your Heart Center ~

~ Embody the Goddess you have Always Been ~


Learning to accept all of my darkness, as much as my light, was my biggest step towards living my Truth.


Does this sound like the support you've been looking for?

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Working through my fears and triggers all began by learning how to connect to the visceral experience of my emotions.


Self Empowerment Coaching includes:

~ Extended support allowing you time to integrate the new information and make lasting changes in your life

~ One-to-one online sessions via video conferencing

~ A recording of each session

~Typed session notes, with home play suggestions

~ Unlimited email access between sessions

~ 15 minute ‘self-care emergency’ phone call(s) during the time we work together

~ Handouts, journal exercises, meditations & embodiment practices, self-care tips & experiments, and a whole lot more

~ Lifetime membership to private facebook group, to connect with like-minded women

~ Access to guided meditations

~ Monthly newsletters


Sessions Available in Packages of 4, 8, or 12. Single Sessions Available for Previous Clients.


Ready to Invest in Your Self Care?

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